(Last Updated On: August 17, 2017)

Conductive textile is not only for EMI shielding, but only for new development, smart textile for smart clothing.

For the last twenty years electrically conductive and semi-conductive fabrics have been utilized in a wide variety of applications including electromagnetic interference (EMI), static dissipation and microwave attenuation among others. These types of fabrics have been designed to alleviate problems in a passive manner.


By the late 1990’s, it became apparent that a new genre of sophisticated textiles made from conductive fabrics could possibly be produced. The intent was to design interactive textile products with an electrically conductive network integrated into the fabric structure. The conductive network within the fabric would be designed to work in concert with the environment, soft switches and microcomputers; to be multi-functional and active; to be able to sense, respond and adjust to stimuli such as pressure, temperature, or an electrical charge. The new interactive fabrics were coined “smart textiles.”


By now, smart and interactive textiles are new textiles which offer new functions through the integration of technology into a fabric. New products and developments occur on a regular basis moving ever nearer to clothes that will look after the wearer from the cradle to the grave. From life monitoring vests to entertainment jackets, a whole range of smart clothing products are already on the market or will soon be launched. Such products include:

  • a sensory vest which monitors newborn babies in an effort to reduce the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS);
  • self-illuminating jackets to ensure the safety of school-aged children;
  • communication and entertainment jackets for work and pleasure; and
  • a shirt that monitors vital body data such as heart, lungs, skin and body temperature and can be used in the early detection and monitoring of heart and circulatory illness.


In a word, smart textile will take care of us for life.


BAODING PRETTY TEXTILE as a conductive textile manufacturer, is always paying attention to the latest research and development of smart textile. Hope we could provide our interactive fabrics and produce much more smart products with you in the near future.